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COVID-19 policy

25th May 2020

I'm really glad to be able to say I can offer osteopathic treatment directly to patients again. It been a long time and many patients have been in touch. On the 19th May 2020, the Institute of Osteopathy published guidance to help osteopaths in England to provide treatment to patients. I've reviewed the guidance, along with other information from the government and World Health Organisation. The result is this policy, which is designed to allow me to give treatment where it is needed, while protecting the safety of the whole community of patients who rely on the clinic for help. Please take the time to read the policy below so that you understand the changes I've made and you know what to expect.

Best wishes - Samuel

What you need to know:

1) You can call for treatment when and as you need to.

2) To begin, we will have a telephone or video call to assess your problem. There may be exercises and/or advice that can help you to manage the problem yourself without coming in for a session.

3) If the problem can't be managed by telephone or video call, we will discuss a face-to-face treatment session. I will ask you some questions to make sure that you don't have any common symptoms of COVID-19 and you are not in the group with the highest risk of a serious infection. 

4) If we decide to go ahead with a treatment session, I'll ask you for your email address and send you a document to read. The document gives further details on what to expect and ask you to give your consent to a face-to-face treatment session.

5) When you arrive at the clinic, please stay in your car or wait in the car park, so that we can minimise the number of people in the building. You may notice that I'm on my own, but I I'll be ventilating the room and cleaning/disinfecting all surfaces for 20 minutes after each patient - its best if you stay outside for this part. If you have any concerns about worrying symptoms you've recently developed (new persistent cough, high temperature, loss of smell/taste), please don't enter the building - we can talk at a safe distance by telephone or in the car park.

6) I'll be wearing some PPE (mask, gloves, apron) which I will change after each patient to minimise to risk of infection between patients. There will be face masks available to wear if you wish to use them. If you have any form of respiratory problem (including hay fever or asthma) I'd advise you to use a mask. 

7) The clinic looks a little bare as there is no linen, and all the clutter has been taken out. Again, its just to minimise the risk of infection.

8) You can bring a chaperone, but no more than one extra person. Please be sure that person has seen the consent document so they understand any risk in attending the clinic.

9) If you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 within 3 days of attending the clinic, please tell Samuel immediately so that he can self-isolate. He'll also need to speak to anyone that attended after you - so please don't delay.

10) There is a full risk assessment covering these changes and more at the clinic. You can ask to see it if you wish.

Stay safe. 

Samuel Morris, osteopath.

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