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Headaches can be caused and triggered by a huge variety of influences, depending on the circumstances and sensititivites of the individual. In some cases, tension and irritation in the muscles and joints of the neck can refer pain to the back of the head, the forehead and around the eye.  This is referred to as cervicogenic headache, which simply means headache 'coming from the neck'. 

Cevicogenic headaches can be caused by injury or postural deficiencies, particularly in individuals who sit, drive and use computer screens for extended periods. 

In an osteopathic assessment for headache attention will be paid to spinal posture, work habits and history of accidents (such as whiplash). An examination of the neck and upper back will be conducted. If you have not already seen your GP, it is possible that you will be asked to do so if there is any reason to think that further tests would be useful in identifying the cause of your symptoms.

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