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Neck pain


Neck pain is often the reason why patients seek out an osteopath. 

Pain may start in the neck and radiate out to the shoulder, or even in to the arm. Occasionally there may be pins and needles in the arm. Pain may radiate upwards and become a headache in the back of the head, or even around the eye. 


Neck pain is common in many walks of life. The neck is a common site for injuries, it is also vulnerable to any repeated posture or activity that puts stress on the muscles and joints. Those that work in an office will often feel this during long hours at the computer, those that drive may suffer on long journeys or in certain vehicles. Manual workers may find neck pain is associated with heavy shoulder work.

After a full assessment, osteopathic treatment may be directed at the neck, spine, pelvis and/or shoulders. This widespread approach allows Samuel to treat the site of pain as well as any issues within the structure of your body that are contributing to your symptoms.

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